Everyone has a used book or two sitting on our shelves at home doing nothing more than piling up dust over it. So why not sell it online and make a few bucks off it? Yes, you can do this by just following a few guidelines. Let me help you with it.

  1. Find the ISBN code

The ISBN code of a book can be very useful when it comes to pricing. It’s very easy to find since it’s on the back of the book alongside a barcode which makes it pretty noticeable. There are many online websites such as BookScouter which provide you with a tool where you can type in the ISBN code and immediately get the price by which a book sells where platforms sell books online. It’s the easiest way to price your books without having to do a detailed research of all of the websites which are a selling ebooks online business.

They even have a free mobile app that you can download. Just scan the ISBN number to see what a certain book is selling for at the moment, and if the price is profitable enough for you, put it up for sale.

In order to maximize your profit, use the price history tool BookScouter has to see by which price a book has been sold for in the past. It may help you to find a particular time of the year when your book would sell for more.

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  1. Earn Gift Cards for Your Used Books

If you are a passionate gift card collector, Amazon recently introduced clients with a buyback program where they offer to pay up to 80% of the price for a book in gift card value. Now, it might seem weird at first, but when you think about it, 80% can be a lot more than resellers are paying for a book, especially from certain risky genres such as web development books.

Of course, gift cards aren’t the same as cash, but if you use them to purchase everyday things or some necessities, it practically becomes the same.

  1. Avoid additional costs

Package your books carefully. If a book was in excellent condition when you shipped it, but it arrived in a condition worse than the initial, you’re going to be paid the lesser book rate. You’re held responsible for getting the book delivered in one piece, so take the time to wrap the book well to avoid losing money and in worst cases, having to pay return fees.

Be honest about the condition the book is in. If a buyer was promised one thing and received another thing, they will surely file a complaint and you will have to make it up to them for the time and money they lost. So, when you create an ebook seller identity, make sure it’s a good one for which clients will recognize you by.

And don’t pay to ship your books, because book buyers should offer to pick up the tab for the shipping costs.

Getting everything right on the first try is impossible. But with a little bit of help and a small research, you will be able to get the most profit out of selling books online.