We are living in an age where people use technology on a daily basis. Almost every person you know is probably using a smartphone, computer or some other gadget like this. People use technology to make their lives easier, but many of them use it to do business too. For instance, if you are focused on selling books, you should know that selling eBooks online business is one of the business options that are thriving these days.

Your online presence can help you sell more books, no matter if we are talking about authors or book sellers in general. If you are an author, you should definitely create your own website for promotion. So, before considering the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is a smart move to pay more attention to your website. The website you have must provide useful and relevant content. This is the only way to build strong online influence today. Click here to start selling your books online!


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Building online influence as a book seller

If the budget you have is on the lower end, my hosting tip for you would be getting an expired domain which is an option to get a good, but yet cheap domain. The way this works is that when people purchase a domain name they have to maintain in yearly and pay a fee for it, but if they don’t do it subsequently, the domain is considered as an expired domain and put up for sale for others to purchase.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to if you plan on getting an expired domain for your hosting website. It’s not just the name you choose, there are a lot of things in the back you need to pay attention to. I will give you a few short hosting tips on which aspects to pay attention to.

Anchor text – the text which is clickable and appears in the hyperlink. It needs to be relevant to your business and related to the website content you will be uploading, and make sure it’s not in a foreign language as the ones with foreign language and origin have proven to be less successful than the ones in English.

Domain age – If the domain has previously been bought and re-sold a few times, you need to ask yourself why that has happened and rethink twice on buying that expired domain.

Content – The previous content that has been uploaded on the website has to be relevant to what you will be selling in order for it to be compatible with your objectives. If the hosting website was previously related to something totally different from what you will be uploading, then you run the risk of having to redo the whole website and lose a lot of time during that.

Getting the best domain name for your business is a process that requires a well-made analysis and planning up front, as well as continuous improvement and knowledge on what the online market is in need of, and what the customer wants. It is something that can make or break a business.






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